Make Mealtimes More manageable for you and your child

Feeding challenges may stem from oral motor delays, chewing problems, sensory issues or fine motor difficulties. Our team can provide insight, practical recommendations, and hands-on feeding therapy to support your child’s individual needs.

We help kids who struggle with eating build feeding skills

The Feeding Group can address many of the challenges that come up during mealtimes.

We can help with:
We’re there for every part of your feeding journey

By working together, we will address your child’s unique feeding challenges, so you can feel confident they’re getting the support they need.

Our services

The Feeding Group is a team of registered healthcare professionals offering a uniquely collaborative approach which allows us to work together to support your child.

OT/SLP Consultation

This consultation includes an assessment and recommendations from an Occupational Therapist (OT) or Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Ongoing feeding therapy sessions may be recommended to further address your child’s concerns.

60-minute initial consultation: $170

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy builds feeding skills using a play-based approach with one of our therapists and occurs weekly or biweekly. Children are required to have completed an initial consultation before booking feeding therapy sessions.

We recommend booking 5-8 sessions at a time, as this allows us the time needed to build a trusted relationship, work on specific skills and help transfer these skills to home.

45-60 minute therapy session: $130-170

Need a follow-up consultation?

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What to expect

1. Schedule an Appointment

Book an appointment online or with our admin team. Prior to your appointment be sure to complete the online intake form.

2. Bring Relevant Items to Your Appointment

You will be asked to bring food, bottles or cups, and any other relevant assessments.

3. Assessment

We will ask questions about medical history, development, feeding history, food intake, and mealtime environment.

4. Feedback & Recommendations

We will share feedback on your child’s feeding skills and other factors contributing to their feeding challenges and provide recommendations.

5. Suggested Follow-Up

Ongoing feeding therapy sessions may be recommended to further address your child’s concerns. These can be booked in blocks of 5-8 sessions.

Start Your Journey With The Feeding Group

Our team helps parents feel confident in supporting their child through their feeding journey, addressing challenges so their child feels seen, understood and encouraged.

Find what you and your child need with our range of services

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