Help Your Child thrive with Expert Nutrition Advice

From babies to big kids, pediatric nutrition needs and eating habits change. The Feeding Group’s team of Registered Dietitians can help you keep up with these changes and ensure your child is nourished along the way.

Gain practical recommendations to ensure your child’s nutrition needs are met

A consult with The Feeding Group’s Registered Dietitian can address a variety of nutrition concerns.

We can help with:
We’re there for every part of your feeding journey

By working together, we will address your child’s individual nutrition concerns, so you can feel confident they’re getting the nutrition their body needs.

Our services

The Feeding Group is a team of registered healthcare professionals offering a uniquely collaborative approach which allows us to work together to support your child.

Dietitian Consultation

This consultation includes a pediatric nutrition assessment and recommendations to optimize your child’s nutrition and growth from our Registered Dietitian.

60-minute initial consultation: $170

Need a follow-up consultation?

Click here to book your appointment with one of our team members.

What to expect

1. Schedule an Appointment

Book an appointment online or with our admin team. Prior to your appointment be sure to complete the online intake form.

2. Assessment

We will ask questions about medical history, development, growth, feeding history, food and nutrition intake. Please bring any relevant assessments or growth information.

3. Feedback & Recommendations

We will provide recommendations to optimize your child’s nutrition and/or growth based on your goals and our assessment.

4. Suggested Follow-Up

If needed, we will recommend scheduling a follow-up appointment to support your child.

Start Your Journey With The Feeding Group

Keeping up with your child’s changing nutrition needs can be challenging.  The Feeding Group’s team of Registered Dietitians provides expert nutrition advice to ensure your child is well nourished.

Find what you and your child need with our range of services

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